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The Recovery Academy 


A comprehensive, highly individualized recovery program for young adult males who struggle with finding sobriety from drugs and alcohol. The Academy uses a community-based model which allows for growth within the community and not behind walls.


Our Program

The Recovery Academy is designed for adult men whose lives and development have been affected by substance use.  Our program is comprised of three phases to help guide our clients through the recovery process to independence.

Our Philosophy

At The Recovery Academy, we partner with our clients and families to help them walk the difficult path of recovery. Recovery is a “process” and happens over a period of time, and we use a holistic, community-focused recovery model, with a foundation in research and results.

Our Team

The Recovery Academy clinical staff is trained in evidence-based practices and uses a person-centered, strength-based model, which focuses on positive attributes versus prior failures. Our team members are passionate about you and your recovery process.

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Co-Occurring Program

Recovery Academy cares for clients struggling with both addiction and mental health.


Individualized Recovery Plan

Recovery Academy asks our clients what recovery looks like to them, and creates a plan that fits their personal journey.


Person-centered, strength-based model

Each of our client’s have their own strengths. We recognize, capitalize and build off of those strengths instead of throwing every person into the exact same program.


Community focused

Our clients recover best when they’re surrounded by other people going through similar issues. It’s important for us to foster this companionship and community for the betterment of all our clients’ recovery journeys.