Supportive Sober Living for Men – Our Recovery Program

Crafting A Unique Approach to Recovery

Young men facing reality after treatment for substance abuse or a mental health disorder face an incredible challenge. Navigating triggers that we encounter in daily life can be painful, exhausting, and isolating, which is why we offer a program that makes this transition easier.

Many of our clients have battled addiction since they were children. While some have attempted to recover before, they eventually have fallen back into the same harmful patterns of behavior.

Mental health disorders usually coexist alongside addiction, which can make the recovery process even more challenging. Unlike other sober living programs, The Recovery Academy considers each client as a unique part of our program. We understand that every individual comes from different circumstances, and carries different needs and goals that require specialized support.

Much More Than A Sober Living Home for Men

The Recovery Academy creates a safe and supportive environment inside our sober living houses for men. Our program is all-inclusive. Fully furnished rooms, meals, activities, and other accommodations are provided within this recovery community.

When a client enters one of our recovery homes, they will receive a recovery plan that is reviewed weekly to ensure they’re meeting their needs and goals. Ultimately, the men in our St. Paul sober living program will make their way toward a productive life with valuable skills in long-term recovery.

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I take a tremendous amount of pride in the work we do at The Recovery Academy. When a person enters our program, they become a part of our family, one that walks with them as they trudge the roads of early recovery to a life of freedom and happiness.

-Drew Horowitz, CEO & Founder