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The Recovery Academy’s main residence where all clients begin their stay with us is at our beautiful location on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. This luxury property in the heart of a thriving recovery community is walking distance to Grand Avenue, home to plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and retailers. This beautifully appointed home features private, single bedrooms, group rooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen, outdoor garden spaces, a recreation room, and is staffed with professional support 24/7.

Once our clients enter Phase 2 and 3 of our programs, they move to a three-story Victorian in the Summit Hill neighborhood of St. Paul (just a few blocks away from the Phase 1 house) where each floor serves as a 2-bedroom apartment.

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I take a tremendous amount of pride in the work we do at The Recovery Academy. When a person enters our program, they become a part of our family, one that walks with them as they trudge the roads of early recovery to a life of freedom and happiness.

-Drew Horowitz, CEO & Founder