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The Recovery Academy’s main residence, where all clients begin their stay with us, is at our beautiful Summit Avenue home in St. Paul, MN. This luxury property servces as a sober living residence, located in the heart of a thriving recovery community.

Not only have we created a safe and supportive environment for residents to enjoy inside The Recovery Academy, but we are also just a short walk from Grand Avenue. Here, clients will have access to local restaurants, coffee shops, retailers, and businesses that help clients find sober activities and routines they enjoy each day.

About Our Sober Houses in St. Paul, MN

Compared to other St. Paul sober living facilities, The Recovery Academy provides the best possible accommodations to achieve long-term, successful recovery. Our beautifully appointed home features private, single bedrooms that are fully furnished living environments. On-site services include:

  • Regular counseling with a licensed addiction counselor
  • Medication management
  • Morning check-in groups
  • Relapse prevention groups
  • Skill Building groups
  • Life Coaching to help set and accomplish goals
  • Recovery Coaching to help identify a recovery pathway that resonates and works
  • Daily exercise at the local YMCA
  • Community-based activities and outings like golf, boating, and BBQs
  • Vocational support and job coaching
  • Assistance navigating the application process for higher education
  • Transportation to and/or from referring facilities, off-site medical appointments, and off-site recovery support meetings
  • Daily meals and snacks, nutrition education, and cooking tutorials provided by an in-house chef

Not seeing something that fits your need? The Recovery Academy’s services are uniquely tailored to each individual, offering specific and dedicated support at each stage of the recovery journey!

Upgraded Housing Accommodations

Once residents have transitioned from the extremely supportive Phase 1 of our recovery program, residents receive ongoing accommodations and support for continued success. Those in Phase 2 and 3 of our program, will be able to move to a three-story Victorian in the Summit Hill neighborhood of St. Paul (just a few blocks away from the Phase 1 house) where each floor serves as a 2-bedroom apartment with access to a kitchen, living space, and other amenities.

Ready to take a tour of our exclusive sober living environment? Please contact The Recovery Academy and our professionals will be more than happy to facilitate a tour for your loved ones. Ease your steps back into the real world feeling confident, prepared and connected.. Learn more about The Recovery Academy’s luxurious accommodations and program now.

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I take a tremendous amount of pride in the work we do at The Recovery Academy. When a person enters our program, they become a part of our family, one that walks with them as they trudge the roads of early recovery to a life of freedom and happiness.

-Drew Horowitz, CEO & Founder