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The Recovery Academy has a staff of highly trained addiction counselors, peer-support specialists, and mental health professionals. Our staff uses a person-centered, strengths-based model that focuses on positive attributes versus prior failures.

Aaron Horowitz, BA - Executive Director

Aaron Horowitz, BA

Executive Director

Aaron has been with The Recovery Academy since its inception in September of 2017 and has held the position as Director since January of 2020. Having grown up in a family with addiction and mental health, Aaron has seen firsthand the devasting effects of untreated substance use disorder and mental illness. Understanding this on a deeply personal level, Aaron brings immense empathy to clients and families by meeting them where they are at and providing hope through a collaborative, strength-based approach. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Syracuse University, where he majored in History and earned credits as a teaching assistant for the Child and Family Studies Department.

Upon graduating from Syracuse in 2008, Aaron spent a year teaching English to high school students in rural Thailand, followed by several years living and working in New York City at different hedge funds. Ultimately, Aaron knew his heart was not working in financial services, rather it was working in the addiction and mental health field, at which point he moved to Minnesota to join the team at Horowitz Health. Aaron attended Century College from 2017 to 2019 and completed his Addiction Counseling credits. In his free time, Aaron enjoys spending time with his growing family and staying active.

Patrick Rybarczyk, CPRS - Program Manager

Patrick Rybarczyk, CPRS

Program Manager

Patrick brings a unique experience and skillset to the team at The Recovery Academy. Patrick was raised as the eldest son of 14 children. Growing up in this environment, Patrick was a born leader, teacher, and helper. His strong work ethic and resourcefulness, starting as a tool runner on construction sites, led to a career in HVAC, where he started and eventually sold his business in 2017.

Patrick initially came to The Recovery Academy as a client in 2020 upon completing residential treatment at Hazelden. As an alumnus, Patrick brings a unique sense of understanding to our clients – he has truly been where our clients are. Patrick began working at The Recovery Academy as an intern in 2021. From intern he was promoted to Recovery Coach, followed by Operations, and promoted to Program Manager of January 2023. Patrick is currently enrolled in the Addiction Counseling program at Century College where he plans to obtain his LADC.

Seth Dahle, BA, MS, LADC - Clinical Director

Seth Dahle, BA, MS, LADC

Clinical Director

Seth has been working as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) since 2017. Seth completed his LADC and master’s degree in mental health counseling from Minnesota State University Mankato. Prior to The Recovery Academy, Seth worked for 4 years as a counselor at Beauterre Recovery Institute, a high intensity residential facility licensed to treat chemical dependency and mental illness. At Beauterre, Seth provided individual and group counseling, as well as ran the family education program.

Seth joined the team at The Recovery Academy in 2021 as a Lead Counselor and was promoted to Clinical Director in July of 2022. Being in recovery himself, Seth is extremely committed to helping and caring for clients and families who look to heal from this disease and find a life in recovery.

Jordan Kirsch, BA, LADC - Phase 2 Counselor

Jordan Kirsch, BA, LADC

Phase 2 Counselor

After graduating from Metropolitan State University and attaining his LADC credentials Jordan worked at Hazelden Betty Ford in St. Paul where he honed his clinical skills and found enjoyment in supporting clients and providing hope to those who struggle to see any. Jordan joined the Recovery Academy treatment team in 2022 where he has enjoyed seeing how his clients progress and is often amazed at how strong and resilient they are. When Jordan isn’t engaged with his clients and work he is working on his Master’s in marriage and family therapy or spending quality time with his kids.

Bobby Pish, BA, M-DIV, LADC - Phase 3 Counselor & Alumni Coordinator

Bobby Pish, BA, M-DIV, LADC

Phase 3 Counselor & Alumni Coordinator

There is an aesthetic quality to life that is like a work of art. When life is lived well, it is capable of enjoying the ups and enduring the downs. It contributes to the lives of others.

I work with people whose struggles, such as addiction, have cut them off from this sense that they have the strengths and positive internal resources to create a life that can satisfy them. Sobriety or a reduction in mental health symptoms is only the necessary first step on a way forward. Many people achieve these and do not find fulfillment. I encourage clients to see that they have the freedom to construct a life that engages the world as it is in reality yet still keeps hope in the potential to make a difference, however small, for the better. I help them to appreciate their unique personality strengths and cultural influences to prevent a return to unhelpful coping behaviors.

I have worked in the business world as a technology consultant, am an ordained priest with 15 years of pastoral counseling experience, and believe in the approach of Alfred Adler who encouraged us to see people through their own eyes and to listen to them through their own ears. I have studied both addiction and mental health disorder and I am a licensed LADC in the state of Minnesota. I currently have 3 years experience in addiction and mental health counseling, which I infuse as I can with my studies in theology, history, and philosophy.

It is a privilege to find that in everyone I meet, there is a wonderful person who can find a purpose in this world, and I am grateful that they give me the opportunity to appreciate it.

Tim Fellner, BA, CPRS - Recovery Coach

Tim Fellner, BA, CPRS

Recovery Coach

Tadhg Fitzpatrick - Chemical Dependency Technician

Tadhg Fitzpatrick

Chemical Dependency Technician

Cheryl Butler, BS, M.Ed. - Culinary Specialist

Cheryl Butler, BS, M.Ed.

Culinary Specialist

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I take a tremendous amount of pride in the work we do at The Recovery Academy. When a person enters our program, they become a part of our family, one that walks with them as they trudge the roads of early recovery to a life of freedom and happiness.

-Drew Horowitz, CEO & Founder