Sober Living In Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

The Recovery Academy offers a full-time and highly structured supportive environment for men with substance use and mental health disorders.

Since 2017, The Recovery Academy has been a national leader in Structured Sober Living for Men in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The primary goal of The Recovery Academy is to help clients transition from a residential level of care to either traditional sober living or independent living.

At The Recovery Academy, we understand the unique challenge individuals with substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders face. Our program is tailored to each individual, understanding the unique challenges that exist for young adults, mature adults and the family’s involved. Accountability, respect, fun, hope, healing, and camaraderie provide the basis for recovery.

Within our program, we offer a range of services to help clients navigate the recovery journey. These services can include:

  • Drug Testing & Accountability
  • Daily Check-In Groups
  • Prepared Community Dinners & Weekly Grocery Runs
  • TrueLink Support and Budgeting
  • On-Site Staff
  • Recovery Coaches
  • Licensed Counselors
  • Daily Exercise
  • Weekly Resident Outings and Events
  • Family Support
  • Community Engagement such as Boating, Fishing, Movies, Bowling, Go-Karting, etc

What We Offer

St. Paul Sober Living Programs
St. Paul Sober Living Programs

The Recovery Academy offers highly structured St. Paul sober living programs for men with substance use and/or mental health disorders.

Sober Living Homes in St. Paul, MN
Sober Living Homes in St. Paul, MN
Who We Are

Meet the compassionate and supportive team of individuals that make The Recovery Academy the best St. Paul sober living program available in Minnesota.

Facilities at The Recovery Academy
Facilities at The Recovery Academy

Our beautifully appointed St. Paul sober living homes feature private or shared bedrooms, recreation rooms, and professional support staff that are available 24/7.

How is The Recovery Academy different from other facilities for Sober Living in St. Paul and Minneapolis?

At The Recovery Academy, we understand the complexities of substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders, as well as the profound impact they have on individuals and their families. Our mission is to guide clients and their loved ones through these challenges with empathy, integrity, and personalized support.

Traditional Sober Living Homes often do not offer enough structure and accountability in early recovery. This usually sets them up for failure due to the lack of life skills or regression of the disease.

The Recovery Academy provides a safe and supportive place for people to continue their recovery journey with compassion. They have time to decide how to recover, learn from mistakes, and prepare for a successful, long-term recovery. They can use this time to reflect on their mistakes and make necessary improvements.

Additionally, they can plan and strategize for a successful recovery that will last in the long run. Contact us today to see what makes our St. Paul Sober Living Homes different!

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I take a tremendous amount of pride in the work we do at The Recovery Academy. When a person enters our program, they become a part of our family, one that walks with them as they trudge the roads of early recovery to a life of freedom and happiness.

-Drew Horowitz, CEO & Founder