Minnesota Sober Housing Offers Recovery in Luxury Living

The Recovery Academy is designed to provide supportive, luxury living for men with substance use and mental health disorders. Our sober home program caters to clients who have struggled with addiction. Many have attempted to recover but have fallen back into the same destructive patterns.

Some residents also have co-occurring mental health disorders that can further complicate the recovery process. The Recovery Academy provides individualized care and support by treating each client as a unique individual with specific needs and goals.

Phases of Sober Living

Our sober living program is divided into three phases that offer clients different levels of support. We provide a highly structured environment that focuses on reintegrating clients into the world and teaching basic life skills.

Phase 1

For some clients in the early stages of treatment, simple tasks can be overwhelming. Staff members at The Recovery Academy help guide our residents’ decision-making to ensure treatment success.

Phase 2

In this secondary phase, residents continue building upon and reinforcing the foundation they started. They have more independence and access to career resources to learn and hone job skills. This phase helps clients develop a plan of action and become comfortable with more responsibility.

As clients meet and exceed expectations while staying on track during challenging times, they enjoy experiencing their successes. These accomplishments help strengthen their confidence and self-image.

Phase 3

This final phase of our sober living home for men prepares clients for independent living. Residents have built a strong foundation for their recovery and have the skills and confidence to live on their own.

The Recovery Academy provides ongoing support and resources to ensure clients have the tools to continue their recovery journey. The ultimate goal is to help clients achieve long-term success and thrive beyond our program.

Sober Living in Minnesota

The Recovery Academy’s holistic and person-focused approach combines clinical work and overall wellness. The recovery of mind, body, and spirit is infused into our program’s structure and personal growth.

We strive to help residents build and maintain a solid foundation for lifelong learning and stability. This foundation, essential skills, and overall wellness are key to long-term recovery and living fulfilling, meaningful lives.

Our luxury sober housing for men is located in the heart of St. Paul. All residents are provided 24-hour care in a homelike environment. They have access to amenities ranging from assistance to yoga and everything in between.

Begin your journey today at one of the best sober houses in Minnesota. Take the first step toward sober living and contact The Recovery Academy.