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A New Approach to Recovery

The Recovery Academy offers a highly structured supportive sober living program for men with substance use and/or mental health disorders. Many of our clients have struggled with addiction since adolescence and may have tried to recover a few times already but have always fallen back into the same destructive patterns. Some have co-occurring mental health disorders like depression or anxiety that can complicate the recovery process. Unlike other sober living programs, The Recovery Academy considers the whole person as an individual with unique circumstances, needs, and goals when providing care and support.

“I needed a lot of extra support when I first came in. The staff at The Recovery Academy helped me deal with some legal issues, which were really stressing me out. I got through it with the help of my counselor and the other guys in the program.” Josh, age 26

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I take a tremendous amount of pride in the work we do at The Recovery Academy. When a person enters our program, they become a part of our family, one that walks with them as they trudge the roads of early recovery to a life of freedom and happiness.

-Drew Horowitz, CEO & Founder