Our Program

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Three phases guiding individuals to an independent life without substance abuse.

The Recovery Academy is designed for adult men whose lives and development have been affected by substance use. Many of them have been struggling with addiction since teenage years, and may have even tried to get sober a few times already, but have always fallen back into the same toxic patterns. Oftentimes, they have combined mental health conditions ranging from social anxiety to borderline personality disorder that make it easy to become addicted to substances and very hard to quit.

Many of our clients have attempted treatment in the past. The average client of The Recovery Academy has completed 3+ residential, 28-day programs. Many families are hopeless and feel that rehabilitation is impossible for their son. Clients often have a sense that they will need to become accustomed to a life of addiction and possibly homelessness.

How The Program Works

Phase 1: Building the Foundation

The first phase of our program greets our clients who have just finished residential treatment and need a high level of structure to build a healthy foundation for daily life without drugs and alcohol. This phase is heavily structured with a morning routine, group therapy, counseling sessions, recovery coaching, hands on life skills experiences and physical exercise during the week.

Phase 1 also begins the process of reintegrating back into the community after residential treatment. Something as commonplace as shopping for one’s own groceries can be an overwhelming experience. Thus, staff brings clients to the grocery store and guides them in their decision making, so they can have a positive, successful experience that translates into independent living.

Inside the Phase 1 house, clients will be assisted by 24/7 trained staff to recognize the possibilities of a successful life beyond addiction. Because our program is so diverse and client-dependent, clients in Phase 1 of their recovery typically spend 4-6 months in this phase.

Phase 2: Reinforcing the Foundation

When Phase 1 clients are ready to move to Phase 2, they are ready to build upon the foundation they created in Phase 1 and move forward with a bit more independence. Inside Phase 2, Recovery Academy clients will have access to all the support and amenities of Phase 1, but will exercising more autonomy.

Recovery Academy continues to provide a very structured program in Phase 2, including counseling, sober coaching, and group therapy. In this Phase, we introduce career-counseling, resume building, and higher-education planning.

Phase 2 clients start putting the pieces of their lives into place, implementing an action plan, and learning how to enjoy life with purpose again. Clients in Phase 2 of their recovery typically spend 4-6 months in this phase.

Phase 3: Moving Forward

Once clients are ready for more independence in their daily routine, they are introduced to Phase 3. Clients physically move into a new Recovery Academy house with other gentlemen who have also completed Phase 1 and 2.

At this Phase, our clients have a job or are in school, have a minimum of 6 months sobriety, and are putting the healthy foundation we built together into action on their own. There is less structure from Recovery Academy here, but staff is still present at the house and offers counseling and sober coaching appointments as needed. Clients in Phase 3 of their recovery typically spend 3 - 6 months in this phase.

What’s Included In The Program

The Recovery Academy is a “one-stop shop” for all of your recovery needs. All necessary services are packaged into our program. We offer and include all of the following items and services to our clients:


Clinical (per week)

Individual Therapy Sessions
Individual Intensive Life Coaching
Group Therapy
Case Management meeting
24/7 clinical support and crisis management
Medication Management and Disbursement
Educational lectures on topics pertaining to recovery


Necessities (per week)

Breakfast and Dinner daily
Unlimited coffee, snacks, and fruit
Private bedroom
Wireless internet, cable TV (sports package & movie channels), AC/Heat
Transportation to all medical and clinical appointments
Legal support with pending and active cases


Bonus (per week)

Membership to the YMCA
3 community outings
Golf, skiing, hiking
Sporting events


A typical week at the Recovery Academy


Our Houses