Our Philosophy

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A path of recovery is a process that happens over time.

By putting individuals in the “driver’s seat” of their own recovery process, we encourage the growth of coping strategies, life skills, and self-reliance – helping our clients discover the best versions of themselves. The Recovery Academy uses a holistic, community-focused model, with a foundation in research and results. Recovery from addiction and mental health disorders requires a comprehensive approach.

Staff uses a person-centered, strength-based model, which focuses on positive attributes versus prior failures. When addiction is treated as punitive, people become worse and suffer additional setbacks. Our attitude is one of commitment and compassion. Investing in our clients both emotionally and physically is an integral part of what makes our program successful.

Clients have a unique recovery plan this is designed specifically for their needs

The Recovery Academy touches on a multitude of components in an individual’s life and recovery. We do this by incorporating many different, evidence based methods that have been shown to foster recovery. Clients have a unique individualized treatment plan that is designed specifically for their needs.

Clients of The Recovery Academy follow a highly structured program consisting of the following:

  • Group & Individual Therapy

  • Exercise

  • Recreation/Leisure

  • Life Skills Development

We believe that every person has the ability to recover when put in the appropriate setting. The Academy has the ability to set that stage and offer the support for success.