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Sober Activities To Enjoy This Spring


With the weather slowly beginning to change across the state of Minnesota, it’s time to start thinking about what activities you’d like to participate in this spring. For those in recovery, that means planning fun, sober activities that you enjoy and help you stay away from substances.

As professionals in addressing addiction, The Recovery Academy has gathered the following list of activities for you to consider trying out this spring:

  1. Exploring Nature
    1. Nothing is more refreshing than a walk among the new flowers and trees of spring. Minnesota has plenty of beautiful vistas, valleys, and woodland areas for you to explore. Whether it’s a 20-minute stroll on a walking path or a several-hour hike at one of our state’s parks, getting out to explore nature can be the perfect spring activity.
    2. The best part about this activity is that you don’t have to do this alone! There are plenty of hiking groups online that you can join. Find one that fits your schedule, comfort, and values.
  2. Join A Sports League, Class, or Gym
    1. The changing of the seasons brings new opportunities to join an activity group. Check out sports and class schedules offered by your local YMCA, or see what fun classes are available through a nearby university.
  3. Plan A Group Outing To A Local Fair, Festival, or Museum
    1. Spring and summer mean there will be more county fairs, musical festivals, and farmer’s markets to explore. Going with a group to these events is not only exciting but also a way to stay accountable for sobriety.
    2. If you’re not interested in attending a fair, then perhaps you can check out the Minnesota Zoo, Twins Game, or explore an art museum instead.
    3. These events can be organized indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. With warmer weather approaching, this is a great time to get creative with your game nights and movie nights. Set a movie projector in your backyard, make a bonfire, or cook some food on the grill to enjoy the changing of the seasons with your own movie or board game event.
  4. Conduct Your Photoshoot Within Nature
    1. There is something about flowers that make portraits look even better. Whether you decide to snap photos of your friend or several selfies, getting out to take pictures with newly bloomed flowers can be a blast. If you’re not much of a flower person, there are still plenty of photogenic places to explore in Minnesota this spring.
    2. From Minnehaha Falls near the Mississippi River to rock climbing outside of the Twin Cities, the state of Minnesota has plenty of fun-filled places for you to enjoy and take photos. This is also a great opportunity to show yourself and those you care about how you’re doing during sobriety.

Recovery from substance abuse can be a challenging road for anyone who has suffered from addiction. The Recovery Academy takes a unique approach to address the mental health of young men who have been suffering from a substance abuse disorder.

From classes at the YMCA to other group spring activities in Minnesota, The Recovery Academy will be able to help your young adult through our supportive community. Let us help you get the support you need!

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