+ What type of involvement does the family have in our program?

In our experience, when family members are involved in recovery, patients have better support and the best chance for lasting recovery. That’s why The Recovery Academy offers and encourages family involvement. Our supportive staff will work with your family on communication skills, setting limits and improving family relations. The intent of family involvement is to help all members understand the substance abuse issues so that, together, everyone has the tools to support your lasting recovery.

+ How much does The Recovery Academy cost and how do I pay for the program?

We accept credit cards, wire transfers or personal checks. The program includes the following:

Transportation to and from appointments
Fully furnished private bedroom
Breakfast and dinner
YMCA membership
3 individual counseling sessions per week
Intensive life-coaching
24/7 crisis support
Group therapy

+ What should I expect while at The Recovery Academy?

At The Recovery Academy, the first step is undergoing diagnostic assessment for our staff to understand the nature and extent of the alcohol or drug problem along with mental health diagnosis. The individualized assessment allows our staff to customize the best possible approach. To make a successful recovery, acquiring new knowledge, abilities and “life skills” is vital. Education about all facets of recovery, along with group and individual counseling, is a foundation for all of our programs. In-between classes and therapy, daily recreation is offered through scheduled activities and leisure time.

+ Is a medically supervised Detoxification “Detox” included with residential treatment?

No, but we partner with several local detox facilities and can assist in finding the right place for your detox.

+ How long does the program last?

At Recovery Academy, we believe that each person has a unique journey of recovery. Therefore, our clients get much more say in how long their treatment will last. It’s really up to you. Find out more about how long treatment typically lasts for our clients on our Program Page.

+ Why should I choose The Recovery Academy?

The Recovery Academy offers:

Highly customizable recovery plans that are tailored to the specific needs of our patients
Protocols that preserve the privacy and dignity of our patients
Licensed clinicians who have the specialist training to provide high-quality, compassionate treatment
A constant monitoring process that ensures that treatment programs will be updated as necessary
Family involvement that helps to educate loved ones and heal damaged relationships
Specialized care that can help patients to deal with grief, dual diagnosis, trauma, and gender-specific issues
Healthy food and a customized program of exercise
A supportive, close-knit community of people who enjoy games, trips, sports, crafts, and yoga (among other recreational activities)

+ What is your confidentiality policy?

The Recovery Academy complies with the standards of confidentiality laid out in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act ensures that all information about your health remains entirely confidential unless you have explicitly endorsed the release of any of this data. The only exceptions occur if a patient indicates that they may be a suicide risk, poses a danger to others, is involved in sexual abuse (as a victim or perpetrator), or have completely neglected their health. In such cases, the appropriate authorities will be contacted. This is a legal requirement with which The Recovery Academy staff must comply.

+ Are you equipped to treat co-occurring disorders?

We offer dual diagnosis care, as we recognize that many of our patients suffer from various mental illnesses in conjunction with drug addiction or alcoholism. We have extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of disorders, including depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Some people will enter The Recovery Academy knowing that they have a preexisting problem with mental health, while others will discover this during our assessment process. Either way, we will incorporate both.